Online Casino Promotions News

Many online casinos host promotional events from time to time, mostly in the form of leaderboard contests where players compete against each other for the prizes. In the biggest events the top prizes include exotic holiday packages and branded electronic goods. The promotions are time bound events with set start and finish dates. Often if you start later then other players have already taken unbeatable positions on the leaderboard. For a fair shot at the once in a lifetime prizes it is essential that you start on the opening date.

If you are signed up with us, you will not have to keep checking the promotions pages of all your online casinos frequently. We keep track of the promotions of all our online casinos and post not only the dates but the other relevant information as well. We will tell you what the eligibility requirements and the prizes are. In our News Section you will come across promotions from online casinos that you have not joined. You can take this opportunity to sign up and try for a big prize.

New Online Casino Games

Today, several new games are released every week and you have to decide which to play first and which to leave for later. Here too, our News Section can be of immense help in your decision making. We get previews of new games well in advance from the software suppliers. You will find complete information properly organised at our website. For example for slot games we list reels structure, number of paylines, theme, important symbols, any new features, volatility and more. You can go through our previews and decide if the game meets your requirements.

We also let you know when the new game will launch and at which online casinos. If the game will not be available at any of your signed up casinos, you can join any from our recommended list. Remember to use our bonus code and claim exclusive welcome bonuses.

New Online Casinos

The online casino industry is growing at a furious pace and to cater to the massive demand new casino launches are very frequent. New casinos have to offer some advantages so that they attract new players. You could find more attractive bonuses, or a larger selection of games or faster withdrawal of winnings. You should not be wasting your time reading the fine print in every new online casino that you come across. Leave that work to our experts.

Any new online casino recommended in our news section will be trustworthy. You will get pointed information on welcome bonuses, games suppliers and payment options. You will be able to decide in a few minutes whether or not you should sign up at the online casino.

News On Developments In Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry is evolving all the time and we will bring you the latest news on the developments. Some issues are in the forefront and we would like to introduce them here.

Cryptocurrency Payments

The acceptance of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, is steadily increasing at online casinos. We will inform you through our News Section as and when our recommended online casinos start taking deposits in Bitcoin. We will also report the latest news on Bitcoin wallets and anything that can affect your decision in going for cryptocurrency payment options.

Virtual Reality Casino Games

Virtual reality games will definitely be the next big development in online casino gaming. Some prototypes have been released by leading games suppliers at a few online casinos. The cost of the headgear required is still prohibitive for widespread playing of these VR games. We are tracking all developments in this field and you will be the first to know through our News Section.

Online Gaming Expos

Several leading online gaming associations hold annual exhibitions and conferences in different cities. Input providers to online casinos showcase their latest products and services here. We attend these events and bring to you all the news from there. You get updated without travelling anywhere.

Online Gambling Landscape

Our News Section will also cover the changes in the online gambling landscape on account of various factors.

Regulatory Changes In Online Gambling

National governments and their regulators are constantly tightening the rules under which operators are issued licenses so that your interests as players are protected. We will not only highlight such changes as they are made but also analyse their implications. On odd occasions certain online gambling operators have been fined for violating these rules and you have a right to know the names of the offenders.

Changes In Online Gambling Laws

In many countries the legality of providing online gambling services has been established but there are jurisdictions where such legislative changes are being debated. The most keenly followed are the states of America. We will keep you updated on the bills presented in state legislatures, the discussions taking place and the outcomes.

Mergers And Acquisitions In Online Gambling Space

As in other business areas, online gambling companies engage in mergers or acquisitions to stay competitive. They could be running online casinos to which you are subscribed. We will post news when such offers have been made along with the terms involved. Our reporters will follow the matter till the conclusion or rejection of the deal.