White Hat Gaming Introduces Traveling Wallet For Players In CO and VA

Gamblers in Colorado and Virginia will get to experience a big jump in convenience when they get to use the latest product from White Hat Gaming. The Traveling Wallet is the company’s latest player account management (PAM) platform and delivers a lot of features that will please both operators and users alike. Some of these features include fraud detection and prevention tools, a fully centralized back office, CRM integration and more.

Traveling Wallet

The biggest advantage that players will appreciate with this PAM platform is that they won’t have to jump through hoops when moving from state-to-state. For example, players in Colorado will be able to use the same account in Virginia and get full access to the money in their account. They no longer need to transfer funds from one account to another as they move between these two states.

The seamless wallet function allows for quick transfers between states and even gaming verticals. Traveling Wallet has automatic monitoring features installed in it to ensure that it complies with betting and financial regulations in both states.

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The Traveling Wallet was launched in the early part of 2020 and has already seen some significant use. Right now, the platform is active in six states and is actively spreading out to more. Virginia and Colorado are the most recent additions because they are the latest states to make online gambling and sports betting legal.

Happy To Offer The Best

Rob Fell, COO for White Hat Gaming said he was very happy to offer the Traveling Wallet feature to players in Virgina and Colorado. Fell is very optimistic regarding the momentum of sports betting regulation across America and believes that Traveling Wallet will be ideal for players to play in whichever state they want without having to worry about any transferring money from account to account.

White Hat Gaming is looking to capitalize on all these new opportunities coming about as a result of online gambling and sports betting legalization. With more states opening up to legalized betting, it ensures that Traveling Wallet gets adopted at a faster pace. The convenience of the PAM platform will also foster overall player growth and an enhanced customer experience.

White Hat Gaming continues to expand rapidly by strategic partnerships and new products. The company recently closed supply deals with popular game developers. In June, the company partnered with mobile games special OneTouch to offer new slots to online casinos. White Hat Gaming also partnered with Pragmatic Play and offers the developer’s entire range of online slots and live casino games to its players.