About SharpGambler.com

We are a team of professionals with decades of combined experience in the online casino business. We have been into operations, management, design and of course playing at online casinos.Some of us have been involved in this field since the mid-1990s when online casinos took their first baby steps and others have joined the journey along the way.

Even after 25 years we find that there is one issue that still perplexes most players and that is online casino bonuses. New players are totally at sea to start with and many of them just give up on casino bonuses altogether. Unfortunately, the loss is theirs. We have seen that no one has taken the trouble to explain bonuses in a simple and honest manner, so we have made this task our objective.

Having been in this business from the start, we have seen the bonus terms and conditions grow and we know that the online casinos are not at fault. From time to time there have been unscrupulous players that have abused bonus offers and have attempted to extract what was neither intended nor due. Online casinos have had to respond by plugging the loopholes.

After sifting through thousands of online casinos we have identified the types of bonuses that are most commonly offered, focussing on those meant for new players. We explain the elements of the bonus offer as also the terms and conditions. We differ from others in that we inform you about the rationale behind the bonus terms in the hope that you will not see them as restrictive chains. As we guide you through casino bonuses, you will come across useful tips on how to select bonuses suited to your style of play.

You cannot have a good bonus offer at a bad online casino. So before we recommend bonuses from a casino our experts go through that casino with a fine comb. Nothing escapes our prying eyes from the owners to the games suppliers and from banking transactions to customer support. Just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot evaluate an online casino from its website. An online casino may claim to process payments in 24 hours, but does it actually do so? You can rest assured that we have signed up at every online casino that we have recommended and has claimed every bonus that has been offered there. We have made deposits and withdrawals, participated in tournaments and have queried customer support.

We want you enjoy online gambling and we provide you with the information that you need in order to do so. We strongly warn players against depositing and wagering more than they can afford to. We never ask you to claim a bonus just because it is available. You decide your level of play and claim only those bonuses that fit in.

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