The complete list of Casino Bonuses (2020)

Online casino bonuses are extremely common, but at the same time they are extremely tricky to use. All online casinos offer bonuses to attract players but to ensure that the bonuses are not misused a number of conditions are attached. At some online casinos these conditions are in the fine print and at some others the wording lacks clarity. We will remove all misunderstandings and confusions about casino bonuses.

Our Objectives

At our portal we welcome all players interested in understanding and benefitting from casino bonuses.

This is how we aim to assist:

  • Acquainting you with the different types of online casino bonuses
  • Explaining the nitty gritty of the bonus terms and conditions
  • Helping you in selecting bonuses based on a complete and realistic evaluation
  • Making you aware of the different ways to claim bonuses
  • Presenting you with the most attractive bonuses available at online casinos

What Is A Casino Bonus?

Before going further, it is necessary to explain in general terms what an online casino bonus is. A bonus is free money given by the casino for the purpose of playing at the online casino. After receiving a bonus you cannot just cash out the amount. At the same time, a casino bonus is not like the free money offered in demo versions of games, which can never be cashed out.

In simple terms this is how an online casino bonus functions:

  • All players signing up at online casinos have a cash account and a bonus account.
  • The cash account is where the money that you deposit shows up.
  • Bonuses are credited in the bonus account.
  • After you have played with the bonus money as required by the conditions, a part of the bonus funds will be transferred to the cash account.
  • Just how much can be transferred is again stipulated in the conditions.
  • Once the money is in the cash account it is yours to withdraw or to bet as you desire.

The Best Casino Bonuses

If you personally keep searching for the best bonuses then you will have little time left to play at the casinos. So, we carry out this search for you and confidently state that we offer the best selection of online casino bonuses. If you do not believe us, independently check out the bonuses at a few online casinos. We guarantee that the bonuses you have liked will be on our list.

Bonus NameCasinoBonus TypeBonusbonustype_hfilter
Challenge Casino
€800 Welcome Deposit Bonus at Challenge CasinoChallenge Casino, 25% up to €/$800Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Blackjack Ballroom Casino
100% Signup Bonus at Blackjack Ballroom CasinoBlackjack Ballroom Casino, 100% up to $150Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Spin Casino
100% Welcome Bonus at Spin CasinoSpin Casino, 100% up to $400Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Casino Kingdom
100% Match Bonus at Casino KingdomCasino Kingdom, 100% up to $77Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Aztec Riches Casino
Aztec Riches Casino offers 50% 1st Deposit BonusAztec Riches Casino, 50% up to €/$50Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
UK Casino Club
UK Casino Club offers $/€100 1st Deposit BonusUK Casino Club, 100% up to €100Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Vegas Slot Casino
Vegas Slot Casino offers €100 Match BonusVegas Slot Casino, 100% up to $/€100Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Lucky Emperor Casino
Lucky Emperor Casino offers 100% Welcome Match BonusLucky Emperor Casino, 100% up to $/€100Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Casino Action
Casino Action offers 100% 1st Deposit BonusCasino Action, 100% up to $/€100Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Nostalgia Casino
$20 1st Deposit Bonus at Nostalgia CasinoNostalgia Casino, 2000% up to $/€20Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Casino Share
Casino Share offers $/€150 Match BonusCasino Share, 100% up to $/€150Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Quatro Casino
Quatro Casino offers $/€100 Deposit Match BonusQuatro Casino, 100% up to $/€100Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Luxury Casino
Luxury Casino offers 100% Deposit Match BonusLuxury Casino, 100% up to $150Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Colosseum Casino
Colosseum Casino offers €100 1st Deposit BonusColosseum Casino, 100% up to $/€100Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Golden Reef Casino
Golden Reef Casino offers €100 Deposit Match BonusGolden Reef Casino, 100% up to $/€100Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Zodiac Casino
Zodiac Casino offers 2000% Welcome Match BonusZodiac Casino, 2000% up to $/€20Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus
Villento Casino
Villento Casino offers 100% Welcome BonusVillento Casino, 100% up to $/€150Get Bonus1st-deposit-bonus deposit-match-bonus

Here is a brief overview of the thorough processes that we follow:

  • We literally review thousands of offers before preparing our selection.
  • We do not go only by the big numbers like bonus percent and maximum bonus cap, but factor in all the restrictive clauses as well.
  • Our experts actually claim bonuses at online casinos to ensure that promises are backed by performance.
  • Online casinos keep changing bonus offers so we are in a state of constant review to keep our recommendations up to date.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses can be really confusing. They all sound similar but each one has its own traits and requirements. We explain the different types of casino bonuses here, and help you choose which bonus bets suits your playing requirements.

No Deposit Bonuses

You get this bonus without having to make any deposit against it. No deposit bonuses are usually given to new players so that they get a feel of the games and the online casino navigation before they invest their own funds. Online casinos sometimes give no deposit bonuses on festive occasions like Christmas and as a part of promotional events.

  • No deposit bonuses are much smaller than bonuses given against deposits.
  • No deposit bonuses will typically be less than $50.
  • The terms and conditions associated with no deposit bonuses will normally be more stringent.

Free Spins Bonuses

Instead of giving you a lump sum amount to play, the online casino allots a number of spins on a particular slot game or a set of slot games. The spins are “free” so no amount is taken from your account when you spin the reels. However, a part or all of the winnings will be transferred to your account. In most cases the winnings go to the bonus account and are treated as a regular bonus thereafter. Some of the more progressive online casinos transfer the winnings directly to your cash account.

There are two types of free spins bonuses:

  • No deposit free spins do not require a deposit and are given to new players.
  • Deposit free spins are awarded against an eligible deposit.

Free Money Bonuses

Free money bonus is just another name for no deposit bonus. Online casinos can have different terms for the same bonus. Because the bonus is given without the casino taking a deposit in exchange it is referred to as “free money”.

Deposit Match Bonuses

This is the most frequently encountered bonus at online casinos. You first have to make a deposit and then the online casino will credit your bonus account with the specified percent of the deposit. The standard format of the deposit match bonus is “a bonus that is X% of the deposit up to a maximum of $Y”. Deposit bonuses will have more lenient conditions than no deposit bonuses.

Some important conditions are given below. These are discussed in detail in the relevant sections of the portal.

  • You will have to deposit a minimum amount in order to be eligible for the bonus.
  • Wagering requirements will determine how much you have to play with the bonus and winnings from the bonus before it gets converted to cash.
  • There will be a cap on the amount that can be converted to cash.

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is a special type of deposit match bonus. It is awarded on deposits made by the player after consuming the welcome bonus package. Since the player is loading the account again with funds, therefore the name “reload” bonus. Online casinos do not change reload bonus offers frequently and you will find these posted on the promotions page.

  • Reload bonuses are typically 20% to 50% of the deposit.
  • Some online casinos offer reload bonuses only on specified deposits, for example the first deposit made on Monday.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, some online casinos offer reload bonuses on each and every deposit.


Welcome Bonuses (Package)

This is the king of all online casino bonuses with the objective of attracting new players to the online casino. The welcome bonus is a match bonus given on the first deposit. You can expect bonus percent from 100% to 400%.

Competition has driven online casinos to offer welcome bonus packages.

  • The package often starts with a no deposit bonus or no deposit free spins.
  • The match bonus is not restricted to the first deposit but runs over the next few deposits as well. Some online casinos have packages that include the first ten deposits.
  • Free spins are increasingly being offered in addition to the match bonuses.

Exclusive Bonuses

You will find several bonus offers posted at online casinos that any player can claim. However, our exclusive bonuses cannot be claimed by all players. We have leveraged our influence with the best online casinos and have negotiated bonus offers only available to players that have registered with us.

  • Exclusive bonuses are mostly for new players signing up for the first time.
  • Needless to add that our exclusive bonuses are much better than the ones offered to common players.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are designed for high roller players though any one can claim them. Gambling is an activity based on chance and from time to time you will make losses at online casinos. The cashback bonus provides a bit of cheer on such occasions because a part of your losses are returned to you as a bonus.

Cashback bonuses operate in the following manner:

  • The online casino specifies the period of play over which the losses are counted. This is usually a week.
  • You must have incurred a loss during the specified period to be eligible for the bonus.
  • You get the specified percent of your losses as cashback subject to other terms and conditions.

Free Play Bonuses

A free play bonus is an interesting variant of the no deposit bonus for new players. Instead of getting a fixed amount as bonus you are allowed to play for free for a specified duration which is usually one hour. Before you lick your lips in glee, be assured that you will not be allowed to place umpteen $100 bets. There are restriction on bet size and total free chips awarded.

Free play bonuses work in the following manner:

  • You start the free play counter as soon as you register at the online casino.
  • Play on the games with the free chips provided.
  • A portion of your winnings will be transferred to your bonus account at the end of the free play period.