If you are a beginner to the world of online casino slots, 3 reels are the perfect starting point. With fewer reels, paylines, betting options and bonuses as compared to modern video slots, 3 reels are extremely beginner-friendly.

But unfortunately, really good 3 reel slots are getting harder to come by as technology allows companies to create more advanced 5 and 6 reel slots with complex themes, bonuses, and more.

While fun to play, they can feel a bit overwhelming for beginners. This is where SharpGambler.com comes into the picture – we offer you an amazing collection of slots games from some of the finest online casinos in 2020.

Welcome to our list of the best 3 reel slots you can find online right now. Check the games below to get your slots gaming up and running!

A Beginner’s Guide to 3 Reel Slots

Simply put, 3 reel slots are the classic slots of casino gambling – they are the oldest type of slots ever created. Before the rise of modern electronics and digital technology, 3 reel slots were the only kind of slot machines you could play in casinos.

Due to their simplicity and nostalgia factor, they remained popular even after the rise of internet gambling. Therefore, software vendors have continued designing 3 reels, even though technology allowed them to create more advanced slots with 5, 6, 7, and even 10+ reels.

Older classic 3 reel slots were populated by simple symbols, mainly fruits, gems, card symbols, etc. Modern slot games have continued this trend.

3 Reel Paylines and Bonus Rounds

One of the biggest differences between classic slots and modern slots is the number of paylines. Since classic 3 reels have simpler designs, the number of winning combinations they support is far less than a slot with 5 or more reels and 3+ rows of symbols.

This is also somewhat true about bonus rounds. 5 reels routinely have at least a couple of bonus features, like wilds, scatter, free spins, and more. While modern 3 reel slots keep things simple, vendors are releasing exciting new slots with bonus features like wild symbols and scatter.

Pros & Cons of 3 Reel Slots – Should You Play Them?

Despite their simplistic designs, 3 reel slots are definitely worth your time. Here are some reasons why:


  • Easy to play and beginner-friendly
  • Nostalgia factor – a throwback to a bygone era
  • Has some modern bonus features like wilds
  • Some 3 reels have big jackpot prizes

At the same time, they also have some weaknesses when pitted against their more modern counterparts:


  • Lacks amazing themes or interesting storylines
  • Less exciting gameplay compared to video slots
  • Fewer options in recent years

Despite some noticeable flaws, 3 reels still have plenty to offer to modern online casino players. Millions of players, new and old, continue to enjoy these classic slots at online casinos in 2020. And now, so can you! Just pick one from our list to get started.