Both new and experienced players will find useful information and a list of some iconic 5 reels slots.

Basics of 5 Reels Slots

  • The slot machine has five reels spinning independently and containing long indeterminate sequences of symbols.
  • In most 5 reels slots there would be three horizontal rows visible, but you could have four or even five.
  • A number of defined paylines zigzag across the rows.
  • When activated, the reels spin and stop randomly.
  • If you get three, four or five like symbols on paylines aligned left to right then you will receive a payout.
  • The payout amount depends on the symbol and on the number of like symbols and is given in a payout table.

Bonuses are best wagered on slot games because they contribute 100% towards wagering requirements and an overwhelming majority of slot games are with 5 reels. It follows that you need to be familiar with 5 reels slots if you want to get best results from your bonuses.

Advantages of 5 Reels Slots

5 reels slots are the most advanced online casino games, both in terms of audio visual special effects and intricacy of gaming features.

Interesting Themes

Contemporary 5 reels slots are built around a theme. The title, the graphics outside the reels, the symbols on the reels and some of the bonus features are used synergistically to create an interesting ambience for the gameplay. Some popular themes are pirates, sports, Greek mythology, food and entertainment.

Branded slots as a genre have started trending. These are based on popular movies, television shows, music bands and the like and use original audio and video content in the slots. Narcos, Jurassic Park and Dirty Dancing are examples.

Lucrative Gaming Features

Players have always liked features that resulted in payouts over and above payline wins. Today, features like wild symbols, free spins and bonus games have become commonplace. 5 reels slots give developers an opportunity to introduce more complex attractions with high payout potential like giant symbols, locked reels spinning together and different number of symbols on each reel.

High Payouts

The top payouts in 5 reel slots are greater than those in table games and video poker. The thrill of winning larger amounts comes with a risk because wins occur less frequently. At the end of the spectrum are the progressive jackpot slots in which the top payout increases with every spin till won. Please keep in mind that most online casinos do not permit bonuses to be wagered on progressive slots.

Disadvantages of 5 Reels Slots

5 reels slots are games dependent on pure luck with no element of skill involved, such as in blackjack and video poker. The average return to player in slot games is 95% as compared to about 99% in blackjack and video poker.
As far as wagering on bonuses is concerned, the 100% game contribution offsets the minor disadvantages.

Some Iconic 5 Reels Slots

  • Immortal Romance
  • Starburst
  • Age of Gods
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Batman v Superman

The Complete Catalog of 5 Reels Slots