There is no doubt that 5-reel video slots have come to dominate the online casino landscape in the last decade or so. Despite frequent attempts to innovate and increase the number of reels, 5-reels seem to be the popular choice.

But that does not mean that adding an extra reel will reduce the fun factor. In fact, the best 6 reels we have listed here can give you a gameplay experience that is like no other. Welcome to the list of the best 6-reel slots in 2020.

Since 6 reel slots are so hard to come by at online casinos, we decided to do some hard research and find every 6 reel slot worth playing in 2020. Now, you can find them all right here, instead of wasting your valuable time searching for them at casinos.

Check out these 6 reel slots, available at some of the finest online casinos in 2020:

What are 6 Reel Slots?

Slot machines and online slots come mainly in two variants – classic design with 3 reels, and the more modern 5 reel video slot format. When slot designers tried to innovate on these traditional formats, 6 reel slots were born.

As the name suggests, these are like 5 reel slots, but with an additional reel added, usually with symbols arranged in a 6×3 or 6×4 grid layout. WMS Gaming was one of the early pioneers of 6 reel slots, launching the first-ever 6 reel slots in 2014. It was titled the Red Flag Fleet, a pirate themed slot. They also have a special range of such slots called “Reel Boost” series.

In terms of features, 6 reel slots are quite similar to their 5 reel counterparts. But due to the increase in the number of available symbols, these slots are more complex. They tend to have hundreds of paylines (minimum) and special bonus features like staggered reels, stacked wilds, scatters, and more.

Advantages of 6 Reel Slots

Adding an extra reel may seem like a simple change, but it has huge ramifications. The complexity of possible combinations is significantly increased. Hitting a winning combination of 6 matching symbols is a very difficult thing. And that calls for bigger rewards as well.

Many of the 6 reel slots available in 2020 come with huge multipliers and jackpots. With advanced bonus features like stacked symbols, you can rack up some big wins on these slots.

And since they are similar to 5 reels in other aspects, you do get excellent graphics and interesting themes with modern 6 reel slots. They also tend to have way more paylines than 5 reels, giving you more chances of hitting those winning combos often.

Disadvantages of 6 Reel Slots

Their increased complexity is also their biggest weakness. These slots are not very beginner-friendly. And they often have very high variance, which can be bad for your bankroll. You could lose a lot of money quickly if you make some high-value bets.

But of course, if you do hit a winning streak, you can make a pile of cash as well! You can play the best 6 reel slots for free or real money HERE – check out our suggested games list on this page to get started!