Casino games are games of chance in which you bet on a certain outcome taking place. The outcomes are completely random and even the online casinos have no control over them. If the outcome matches with the bet you win, otherwise you lose. You will win sometimes and lose sometimes and no system can be devised to guarantee that you will end up winning.

In land casinos the outcomes are generated physically, like dealing cards or rolling dice. In online casinos this is simulated (except for live casino games) using software that includes a random number generator. We recommend only those online casinos where the software has been independently tested for fairness.

Overview Of Online Casino Games:

Categories of Online Casino Games

Online casinos display the games portfolio divided into categories based on game characteristics. Players have preferred choices and this segregation is very convenient.

  • Slots: These include different types of slot games like video slots, classic slots and progressive slots.
  • Table Games: These are the games usually played at the tables in land casinos. They include roulette and card games like blackjack, baccarat and casino poker games.
  • Live Casino: These are not simulated games. The roulette and card games are actually played on real tables with live dealer in a studio casino that is interfaced with your computer through high speed Internet transmission. Live casino is the latest development in online casino gaming and is the closest you can get to a glitzy land casino sitting at home.
  • Video Poker: These are card games played on a slot machine like console in which you try to get the highest ranking poker hand.
  • Specialty Games: All online casinos usually have this category for miscellaneous games like craps, keno and scratch cards.

Luck Versus Skill

Some online casino games are based totally on chance. The player cannot influence the outcome of the game in any way by the decisions made and there are no strategies involved. Online slot games are the prime example of this type with roulette and craps being other games.

However, there are casino games, like blackjack and video poker, in which you have to make decisions based on a fair level of skill. Skill cannot not guarantee that you will win it can only increase the likelihood of your winning. You should not bet on these games unless you have mastered the strategy.

Average Return To Player

Average return to player (RTP) is the amount you can expect to win on a $100 bet.

  • Slots RTP is about 95%, which is why slots contribute 100% to wagering requirements.
  • Blackjack & Video Poker RTP is about 99% if played correctly, which is why these games have low contribution to wagering requirements.

Roulette (European)

Roulette is perhaps the most glamorous of land casino games because it features a big wheel and a large table. The wheel, which is divided into 37 sections numbered from 0 to 36, is spun by the croupier and a ball comes to rest against one of the numbers. In online casinos you have to place bets on a layout that has the same numbers before the wheel is spun. All bets that include the final number are paid out, and the other bets lose.

Roulette offers a number of different types of bets and you can choose according to your risk taking propensity. Here are some common bets with payouts.

  • Straight Up (Single number): 35 to 1
  • Split (Two adjoining numbers): 17 to 1
  • Corner (Four numbers in a block): 8 to 1
  • 1st Column (12 numbers): 2 to 1
  • Red (18 numbers): 1 to 1
  • Odd (18 numbers): 1 to 1


Blackjack has been romanticised in a number of Hollywood films, notably 21 based on the MIT Blackjack Team. Though casinos around the world have slightly different rules, the essence remains the same. You play against the dealer with the objective of getting a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. You have to take care not to exceed 21 because then you bust and lose your bet immediately.

You place a bet and are dealt two cards face up. The dealer is dealt one card face up and one card face down. You can then hit and take another card or stand with the cards dealt. When you eventually stand, the dealer takes additional cards according to prescribed rules. If neither the player nor the dealer busts then the one closer to 21 wins. The payout for the player winning is even money. If the player is dealt an ace and a ten value card upfront he wins with a blackjack and is paid 3 to 2.


Online slots are the most popular of casino games and are the ideal choice for playing with the bonuses because they contribute 100% to the wagering requirements. You first place the bet and then spin the reels. When the reels stop, the software will automatically check if there are winning combinations on the active payline and you will be paid according to the payout table. Usually three or more like symbols in an active payline starting from the first reel result in a win. Slot games today have attractive bonus features that add to the enjoyment and award additional win opportunities.

The different types of slots games are highlighted below.

  • 3-reels classic slots with simple features and retro symbols.
  • Video slots that are rich in features and built around popular themes.
  • Progressive slots in which the top payout keeps on increasing till hit.
  • Branded slots contain original content from popular movies, TV shows and the like.