Unusual Freerolls Offered at VIP Casino

VIP Casino has broken the tradition of its usual offer of freeroll online tournaments on the most popular slot games and has selected other games for its freeroll tournaments for this current month.

The casino has chosen online craps and online video poker for its freeroll tournaments for May. Craps is not a common game for online tournaments but offers an enormous amount of bets. Players have a greater chance of winning on some of the bets but the payouts offered are modest. The bets offering high payouts have less frequent wins.

After signing up for the tournament players will be credited with $500 worth of tournament chips and will be allowed only 10 minutes to wager. It will therefore be necessary for players to wager aggressively right from the start. They are, however, not obligated to wager for the entire 10 minutes and can exit the tournament if they do not want to risk their chip balance.

Challenge Casino

Money won in the tournament is play money and the prize money will only go to players who break into the prize pool which is $1,000 for each freeroll online tournament. $400 will go to the player topping the leader board and $200 to the player who comes in second. Players in the 3rd to 22nd places will be rewarded with $20 each. Should two players tie, the top prizes will be split between them.

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