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Kings Casino Sues Facebook For $24 Million Over False Advertising

Kings Casino is one of the most popular land based casinos in Europe and has the biggest poker room in all of Europe. The casino is located in Rozvadov, Czech Republic and is owned by Leon Tsoukernik.

Kings Casino Sues Facebook For $24 Million

Czech media reported that Kings Casino has filed a lawsuit against social media giant Facebook for $24 million which is nearly half a billion Czech crowns. Leon Tsoukernik confirmed that they were taking legal action against Facebook for running false social media ads that has tarnished the reputation of Kings Casino.

Facebook ran multiple ads that had pictures of Kings Casino and asked users to sign up at Kings Casino Online. The tagline for the mobile ad said that best Czech casino had now gone online. This was fake advertising as Kings Casino had not launched any online casino and another rogue casino was using Kings’s Casino to mislead players to register at their site.

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Kings Casino claims that it contacted Facebook on multiple occasions to make them aware of these false adverts and misleading claims that were being made in its name. However, they got no response from Facebook and were forced to make a decision to take legal action against the social media giant.

Facebook Helping Fraudsters

Leon Tsoukernik says he was deeply disappointed to see how Facebook was letting fraudsters get away with false advertising and worse still take no action when these issues were brought to their attention.

Facebook has a policy that requires their internal team to check the licenses of online casinos who want to use their platforms for online and mobile advertising. Facebook has to confirm the validity and authenticity of the online casino license before approving any gambling ads.

Tsoukernik claims that when King’s Casino tried to advertise on Facebook in 2019, they were asked to submit licensing proof and other verification documents. This is one of the reasons why Tsoukernik is puzzled and disappointed to see how a fake casino can get approval from Facebook and continue with false advertising campaigns.

Facebook has yet to release any statement on the matter as of this writing.

Kings Casino Remains Closed

Kings Casino continues to remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The casino opened for a couple of months in 2020 but decided to close as the COVID-19 situation in Europe is not yet under control. There is no indication as of now as to when Kings Casino will open in 2021.