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DCMS Working On Complete Overhaul Of 2005 Gambling Act

The 2005 Gambling Act which is really outdated is currently being reviewed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The review process started on 7 December and multiple changes are expected to be made in the weeks to come.

Why Is The 2005 Gambling Act Being Reviewed?

The UK has a thriving land based and online gambling industry. The iGaming industry has witnessed a massive spike in the last couple of years as the 2005 Gambling Act has too many loopholes for iGaming operators to exploit. This is one of the reasons why the UK gambling industry was considered for many years to be the most liberal online gambling industry in the world.

However in recent years, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has come under fire for not doing enough to protect UK gamblers from gambling harm. The UK has witnessed a significant spike in gambling addiction with both adults and minors. Gambling opponents have lashed out at the UKGC for being a toothless watchdog and allowing gambling operators to take advantage of Brits.

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The UKGC and the UK Government have taken a number of steps over the last couple of years to make things more stringent for gambling operators and provide better protection to players. However, there efforts are limited to the 2005 Gambling Act and its protocols.

Due to ongoing pressure being imposed on the UKGC to do more, the UK government asked DCMS to take charge of the review process and amend gaming regulations.

DCMS To Address The Following

DCMS has clarified that it will be reviewing the 2005 Gambling Act and asking tough questions. Not just tough questions but many questions as DCMS has a checklist of 45 questions that cover three four components of gambling regulations.

The first component will be how effective is the 2005 Gambling Act with regards to current gaming software and technologies. These gaps will have to be addressed and brought up to date with the ever changing iGaming market.
The second component will deal with finding the right regulations that will provide players with betting protection from gambling harm without restricting their freedom at land based and online casinos.

The third component looks at current marketing and advertising regulations that gambling operators are subject to and how effective they are. DCMS will also seriously consider the impact of sports sponsorship and whether it should be banned.

The final component is too see whether the UKGC has sufficient power and resources to perform its duties efficiently.
We will have to wait and see what changes and suggestions DCMS proposes after its detailed review.