Old Casinos with new Software

When a casino finds itself less desired by players it has to get to the bottom with the reasons for it. If it has to do with the theme and colors of the platform it is not such a big deal to make a change but other issues could be far more complicated.

When the software isn’t delivering the quality that is expected by players the casino could be faced with a situation where they need to switch it. When casinos do this they sometimes change their name and come back as a “new casino”.

A remake of Theme

Players can get bored with the same theme. There are many gaming portals that keep their back drop and theme very basic for this very reason. They prefer to update the graphic theme of the casino by changing banners and promotions as this keeps the casino feel fresh and new during a long period of time. When a casino has a heavy theme it could need to switch it every now and then. This is not almost an easy task since the casino might have a name that goes together with the theme.

New Software

It is understandable that some older casinos want to come back as new casinos with new software. Today there are new software developers which give players much better games and options for gambling online. The security is higher and the possibilities for winning big jackpots are also greater. With a new software older members might have to create new accounts and this is probably for the best since it can be a bit risky when the casino tries to transfer the older accounts into the new format.

Is it the same Casino?

The question is if a casino with a new name and new software can be considered a new one or is it just the old one in new clothes? If the same people are still running it with the same attitude the casino is really the same but hopefully better. If it was a bad casino before it might improve but only if the changes are directed at what the players found lacking in the previous version.

Reviews and Opinions

To understand more about an old casino in a new format it is always helpful to read reviews but be aware of the pit falls. Many reviews of casinos online have no dates to them. You might be reading something that applies to the older version. This is why you should read reviews and opinions from the websites that are active and fresh with the latest bonuses and promotions for the most active casinos.

There are old casinos in new format that call themselves new casinos. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes not.