All You Need To Know About No Deposit Bonuses

When you sign up at a recommended online casino from our list, the amount of the no deposit bonus will be credited to your bonus account. There are two other “numbers” associated with a no deposit bonus and all three have to be evaluated together.

The second number is the wagering requirement which is stated as, for example, 30x the bonus. For a no deposit bonus of $10, this will work out to $300. You will have to place bets amounting to $300 from the bonus and the repeated winnings from the bonus. If your bonus balance becomes zero before this then your play from this bonus ends and you cannot cash out any amount.

However, when you complete the wagering requirement your bonus account has a balance of more than $10 (the original bonus amount), the excess is your winnings. How much of the winnings you can cash out is determined by the third number referred to as maximum wins, which we assume for example is $50.

  • If your winnings are less than $50, you can cash out all of them.
  • If your winnings are $50 or more you can cash out $50.

If the no deposit bonus is cashable then it will be transferred to your cash account along with the winnings. If it is not cashable it will be removed from the bonus account and disappear.

Some other important bonus terms and conditions are listed below:

  • Game contributions to wagering
  • Country restrictions
  • Maximum bet during wagering

The Best No Deposit Bonuses

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No Deposit Bonuses FAQ

What are no deposit bonuses?

A casino bonus is money given by online casinos as an incentive to players. Usually players have to first make a deposit and then they receive the bonus. There are occasions when online casinos offer bonuses without asking for a corresponding deposit. Such bonuses are referred to as no deposit bonuses.

What types of no deposit bonuses are there?

  • Free money no deposit bonuses: Here the bonus consists of a lump sum amount. This important type of no deposit bonus is discussed in detail later in the section.
  • Free spins no deposit bonuses: Here the bonus consists of a number of free spins on slots. This important type of no deposit bonus is discussed in detail later in the section.
  • Free play no deposit bonuses: Here you will be given a short fixed duration, usually one hour, to play the casino games. There will be limits on bet size and on the total coins provided by the casino. However, the defining factor is the time period after which the bonus play will automatically be stopped. You have to remain focused throughout to maximise the gain from the bonus.

No deposit bonuses are also classified as cashable and non-cashable

  • Cashable no deposit bonuses: After you successfully complete the wagering from the bonus, the bonus amount is also transferred to your cash account along with allowable winnings. Unfortunately, cashable bonuses are rare.
  • Non-cashable no deposit bonuses: After you successfully complete the wagering from the bonus, only the allowable winnings are transferred to your cash account. The bonus amount is simultaneously removed from your bonus account.

There are other ways of describing no deposit bonuses, which could be of any of the above types

  • Welcome no deposit bonuses: Mostly no deposit bonuses are given to new players when they sign up at the online casino and these are referred to as welcome no deposit bonuses. When players can get a feel of the online casino without using their own funds, it gives them a sense of comfort. New players are more likely to sign up at online casinos that offer welcome no deposit bonuses.
  • Slots no deposit bonuses: These are no deposit bonuses that are meant to be wagered on slots games. Sometimes there are slot games, like progressive slots, that are excluded. Slots no deposit bonuses can also be wagered on scratch cards and keno, but cannot be wagered on any other games.

What are free cash/money bonuses

When the free (no deposit) bonus is given in the form of a fixed lump sum amount it is referred to as free cash or free money bonus. You have to play with the bonus and the winnings from the bonus till you successfully complete the wagering requirement. The permitted sums from your bonus account will then be transferred to your cash account.

What are free spin bonuses?

When the free (no deposit) bonus is given in the form of a number of free spins on designated slot games it is referred to as free spins bonus. After you play out the free spins the accumulated winnings from the free spins, subject to any caps imposed, will be credited in your bonus account. Thereafter this amount is treated like a free money bonus.

Can I play any games with free bonus?

No. The terms and conditions will specify the games that can be played with the free bonus and the games that are excluded. Before wagering with the bonus you need to check this out carefully and contact customer support if there is any ambiguity in mind.

Where different categories of games are permissible for a free bonus you will need to check out the game contributions. When the game contribution is 100%, as is the case for most slot games, the wagering requirement will remain as calculated. However, when the game contribution is less than 100%, the calculated wagering requirement will get inflated. For a game contribution of 10%, you will have to meet a wagering that is 10 times the calculated one.

Do all no deposit bonuses have wagering requirements?

Almost all no deposit bonuses will have wagering requirements. These will be stricter than deposit bonuses in general, because you are being given a free bonus without your having to make any financial commitment.

However, on rare occasions we do come across online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses without wagering requirement. We highlight these offers at our portal so that you get aware of them.

What happens if the balance in my bonus account becomes zero before I complete the wagering requirements?

You will face this situation from time to time. If this happens then you can no longer play with the bonus and you will not get any cash benefit from the exercise.

However, there is no reason to feel disheartened. You have not lost any money; you have only not been able to make money from the opportunity provided. You should have enjoyed the games you played and should have become familiar with the online casino in the process. And there will be other no deposit bonuses in the future where you will be lucky enough to cash out.

What are other important conditions associated with no deposit bonuses?

  • Country restriction: Before you claim any no deposit bonus (and even before you sign up at an online casino) you must confirm that players from your country are not prohibited from receiving bonuses.
  • Maximum bet restriction: Since the objective of the bonus is to make you play at the casino there will be a restriction on the bets that you can place. If you place a bet more than the allowed limit it will not count towards the wagering requirement. You also run the risk of the bonus being voided.
  • Maximum cashout restriction: You must realise that a no deposit bonus is free money. A $10 bet on a slot machine can result in a win of $10,000 if you are lucky. Surely, the online casino cannot afford to let you take that much money home for free.